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Decision 4 COM XI.44-46
World Heritage Fund

44. The Committee examined a proposal made by one of its members, presented as follows :

"Contributions offered to the World Heritage Fund for international assistance campaigns and other Unesco projects of technical co- operation for any property inscribed on the World Heritage List shall be accepted and used as international assistance pursuant to Section V of the Convention and in conformity with the modalities established for carrying out the campaign or project".

45. The Committee adopted this proposal.

46. The Committee further agreed with the following recommendations :

a) States Parties to the Convention who anticipate making contributions towards international assistance campaigns or other Unesco projects of technical co-operation for any property inscribed on the World Heritage List are encouraged to make their contributions through the World Heritage Fund.

b) Additionally, the World Heritage Committee encourages the General Conference of Unesco to give great attention in future campaigns to sites which are on the World Heritage List.

Report of the Rapporteur on the fourth session of the World Heritage Committee