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Enhancing monitoring and surveillance efforts to maintain ecological connectivity in the Dja Faunal Reserve

Geographical focus

The current state and trend of World Heritage values of the Dja Faunal Reserve are threatened by pressures from development projects (dams, plantations, logging) in the periphery of the Reserve.

There is concern that poaching and habitat loss will increase as these projects continue to develop. It is therefore essential to actively pursue anti-poaching efforts and regularly assess its effectiveness within the property. Such efforts are also crucial to maintaining the ecological connectivity of the forest corridor in the southeast corner of the Reserve. At present, human, financial and technical resources are insufficient to effectively monitor the entire protected area and address the main threats, including poaching.


The activity aims at supporting surveillance activities to maintain ecological connectivity and effectively monitor the dynamics of animal populations in key areas of the Dja Faunal Reserve, including clearings and wildlife corridors. Activities will also support the on-going process led by local stakeholders (government, private sector and civil society) to integrate wildlife corridors in land-use planning schemes.

Main activities

  • Anti-poaching and surveillance efforts in key areas such as clearings and wildlife corridors to maintain ecological connectivity,
  • Monitoring of the dynamics of animal populations in key areas,
  • Capacity-building of eco-guards in connection with the management of clearings and wildlife corridors,
  • Support the process to integrate wildlife corridors in land use planning schemes,
  • Strengthen stakeholder consultation fora with local communities


On-the-ground activities to start in July 2022.


The State Party, African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) and WWF

This project is made possible thanks to the financial support of the Norwegian government.

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Geographical focus