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Support to the architectural design of new bridges after destruction of essential infrastructure by heavy rains at Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Geographical focus

In early May 2020, torrential rain occurred in and around Rwenzori Mountains National Park (Uganda), a property inscribed on the World Heritage List.

The excessive rain caused heavy flooding and destroyed wildlife habitats and essential infrastructure, which greatly affected the neighbouring communities. Undeniably, the loss of bridges, ladders, and walk-boards is a burden to the local communities whose livelihoods depend on the park’s conservation and represent an additional difficulty to the necessary patrols and monitoring activities that help to protect the biodiversity of the site.

In response to the above-mentioned issues, the project funded by the Government of China Funds for Capacity Building and Cooperation for World Heritage in Africa, and implemented in collaboration with the Uganda Wildlife Authority, supported the preparation of the architectural design of five new bridges within the property.  

The Rwenzori Mountains National Park is home to the last glaciers of Africa and to endangered yet endemic biodiversity. Rare species like the Rock hyrax, high altitude leopard, duikers and several other primates can be found on the site. Inscribed in 1994, the site was also inscribed for the aesthetic characteristics of the landscape and its latitudinal vegetation.


Support the State Party of Uganda in enhancing the conservation of the Outstanding Universal Value (OUV) of Rwenzori Mountains National Park World Heritage property. 

Progress made

  • The implementation partner was identified in consultation with the State Party and a specialised contracted company developed the architectural design for the five new bridges from 10 November to 31 December 2020
  • The developed designs were subsequently submitted and approved by IUCN

Name of the property: Rwenzori Mountains National Park

States parties: Uganda

Amount: 4,737 USD

Implementation period: November – December 2020 (2 months)


  • Uganda Wildlife Authority
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Geographical focus