Developing a comprehensive approach to US participation in the global heritage community

The 11th US/ICOMOS International Symposium will initiate a process for implementing the recommendations of the PreserveAmerica Summit's "Participating in the Global Community" panel that will reinvigorate and enhance the US role in international preservation. The Global Community panel made recommendations in four areas: community building, stewardship, leadership, and capacity-building.

In addition to invited and selected papers to be presented at the symposium, US/ICOMOS is initiating a series of panel discussions amongst our members prior to the symposium, each of which will result in draft recommendations, or action items, to be presented to the full symposium in Washington, DC. The symposium will also include break-out sessions for each panel that will allow conference attendees to discuss and finalize the draft recommendations into final reports that will be presented to the entire conference during the closing session.