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Khao Yai World Heritage Workcamp (Thailand)

Wang Nam Keow, Thailand
26 July-9 August 2008


The project will consist of working for two weeks in and around one of Thailand's largest national parks, the Kao Yai National Park and part of the World Heritage site of Dong Phayayen-Khao Yai Forest Complex. The biggest threat to the National Park is humans. The people living in villages surrounding the park are poor and often make their living by going into the forest illegally to cut the plants and kill the animals to sell on the black market. The National Park is trying to change this with the Khao Yai Conservation Project (KYCP) which has three teams;

  1. a patrol team that protects wildlife from poachers
  2. a scientific team that counts animal population to measure the park's biological health
  3. a community outreach team that works with local children and villagers

We will work together with the KYCP, for exemple:

  • teaching the children at local schools about the forest and the effects of poaching
  • work with the rangers in the park
  • planting trees, possibly together with the local population
  • make trails for eco-tourism in the park
  • design an exhibition on Khao Yai as World Heritage site


The project aims to protect the Khao Yai World Heritage site and to raise awareness of its importance with the local population living close to the park.

Organisation responsible for the project

Pitaya Suwan Foundation / Greenway

Local partners

Forestry Department of the Khao Yai National Park

Strategic objectives
Capacity Building
World Heritage Properties 1
States parties 1
Date Start: Saturday, 26 July 2008
Date end: Saturday, 9 August 2008