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Huong Son Complex of Natural Beauty and Historical Monuments

Date of Submission: 15/07/1991
Category: Mixed
Submitted by:
The Ministry of Culture, Information and Sport
Coordinates: My Duc district, Ha Tay province, northern Vietnam
Ref.: 960

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The Huong Son Comples oi natural and cultural properties is situated on a limestone mountain range, some 60 kilometres southwest of the national capital of Fanoi. This mountain range was formed more than 200 million years ago. During its orogenetic movements, many scenic valleys' stream and caves were formed, adding attraction to the limestone mountains and natural forests.

The Huong Son Complex area is a natural habitat of many rare and values species of tropical fauna and flora as well as of primitive man in nort Vietnam. A number of caves, such as Luon, Sap Bon, Sung Sam and Giac, archaeological sites belonging to the HOA BINE Culture dated back to over 10,000 years.

In the far past, taking advantage of the local natural beauty, ancient Viets built a system of hundreds of Buddhist pagodas and temples in caves on mountain sides and abank streams, the most spectacular of which is the Huong Tich Cave which is also the most beautiful natural cave in the country.

In this area is held annually the Huong Pagoda Festival which lasts for one month in spring with the participation of hundreds of thousands of people, both Vietnamese and foreigners.

The Huong Son Complex comprises a three groups of pagodes, temples and caves linked with one another by watervays (streams):

- The Huong Tich group accessible by the Yen Stream, including the Trinh Temple, the Son Thuy Huu Tinh Cave, the Hoi Bridge, the Thanh Son Pagoda, the Houng Dai Pagoda, the Thien T~~ Pagoda; the Hinh Dong Pagoda, the Tien Pagoda, the Giai Oan Pagoda, the Cua Vong Temple and the Huong Tioh Cave.

- The Long Van group accessible by the Long Van Stream, including the Long Van Cave, the Tien Cave, the Ngubi Xua (Ancient Man) Cave, and the Cay Khe Pagoda.

- The Tuyet Pagoda Group aacessible by the Tuyet Stream, including the Mau Ha Temple, the Mau Thuong Temple, the Ca Pagoda, the Bao Dai Pagoda, the Tuyet Pagoda, the Am Pagoda and the Hong Son Cave.