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Sarajevo - unique symbol of universal multiculture - continual open city (N.I.)

Date of Submission: 01/09/1997
Criteria: (v)
Category: Cultural
Submitted by:
Institute for the protection of cultural, historical and natural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Coordinates: Lat. 43°51'11" - 43°52' ; Long. 18°24'46" 18°27'4"
Ref.: 906

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According to the criterion (v) Sarajevo - Open city is unique example of traditional human living and settling. Beauty of a city is possible not only with numerous architectural monuments but also in interpretation of synthesis of living harmony and in preservation of varieties, and Sarajevo is such, unique, unrepeatable and united open site, the world city. Previous included also criterion (vi) according to which living tradition makes this city unique and universal.

Sedimentared polyvalent architecture of the city makes the place unique with pioneer courage of inhabitants to satisfy their progressive collective needs. Avant-courierly developmental technical accomplishments and elements of artistic styles, and various cultural-ethnic belonging of individuals were unionising during the time, as synthesis/community formed it according to the attitudes and way of living of the Valley's inhabitants. Spiritual-cultural life ennobled purity of architecture by simplicity of its articulation, and inhabitants by understanding of other and will for common and mutual benefit creative life.

Dynamic spatial genesis of linear-radial city center in urbomorphological, structural, functional, artistic and ethnic-cultural sense united physical elements of structure of phenomenon of city openness. Transposals of architectural riverbanks facade and blocks, vertical dividing of structures incorporates vegetation in slope parts of city of seven boarding hills.

Pluralistic society, culture, mundane opinion, religions, phenomena of site and will of people to preserve these phenomena during millenniums isn't known. There are no places which are so rich in diversity of culturological-phenomenal character in simple natural environment, geography of landscape and power of genius loci.

Institutions-guardians of pluralistic society and multiculture of Sarajevo phenomenal symbolise especial attributes within activity which intensive development of own models existing has been continually following grammar of culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina. They are the most complexed spiritual nucleus and symbolic matrix of Golden Valley authentical expression.