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Gombe National Park

Date of Submission: 27/05/1997
Category: Natural
Submitted by:
Dr. Waane , S.A.C.
Coordinates: Lat. 4°40' - 42' South / Long. 29°45' - 46' East
Ref.: 849

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Gombe National Park is mountainous 52 sq.km. of the western rift escarpment on lake Tanganyika. The valleys support Guinea - Congolean forests, while the driar upper slopes are clothed with miombo (Brachystegia) woodland of Zambezian type. These two floras mingle as semi-decidous forests on the valley - sides. this productive mosaic provides a rich habitata for forest mammale especially primates (cereopithecus, colubus), but Gombe is chiefly known and valued for ots chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes achwernfurthii) and the results of Dr Jane Goodall's study of them over thirty years. Present hazards to this population include disease and the pressure of a dense local human population now - increased by influx of refugees.