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Juan Fernández Archipelago National Park

Date of Submission: 30/03/1994
Criteria: (x)
Category: Natural
Submitted by:
Permanent Delegation of Chile - UNESCO
Coordinates: S 33 30 Province of Valparaiso
Ref.: 84

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Juan Fernández Archipielago National Park is a 93 sq.Km. protected area, covering 95% of the land area of a group of Oceanic islands lying 360 to 450 nautical miles off the coast islands represent the emerging volcanic mountaintops of a hot spot chain, formed in the middle of the Nazca plate. From a biological point of view, the islands have a high proportion of endemic flora and fauna species. this trait is shared with many islands, but what makes this case special is a unique combination of species origins; some are related to tropical America, other have Antarctic affinities and yet other are related to Asia and Australasia. In addition, the long isolatiopn has generated endemism not only at the species level, but also at higher taxonomic levels, including a monotypic Order, Lactoridales, very important as the only living link for the study of the evolution of related Orders. The National Park was established in 1935, since 1968 a team of park rangers is in charge of protecting the park.