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Date of Submission: 18/01/2008
Criteria: (iv)(v)(vii)(ix)
Category: Mixed
Submitted by:
National Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan for UNESCO
State, Province or Region:
Surkhandarya Region
Coordinates: N38 13 E67 15
Ref.: 5300

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The territory is located on the ridge of Boysuntog - the southwest spur of Gissar Mountains in the district of Boysun. The sites of Boysun, which is a subject of inclusion in protected historical and cultural and landscape territory of the cultural reserve: the basic historical-archeological sites (Teshik-Tash, Kushan wall, Kurganzol,); integral sites of folk cultures (kishlaks- villages); workshops of the folk craft; zones of unique landscapes, natural-sanitary complexes; makhallas (communities). Landscapes of the ridge Boysuntog, well-preserved biodiversity of territory including rare and precinctive representatives of flora and fauna of the southern mountains of Uzbekistan, belong to the natural heritage of the unique in the aesthetic view. Cultural landscapes were formed during centuries in which alongside with elements and infrastructure of traditional human culture, representatives of flora and fauna of region are organically included and kept, for example as in Sayrob complex.

Statements of authenticity and/or integrity

Historical elements of culture of the territory are in the condition, which has kept their basic features, and form a common cultural massif. Under the protection of cultural reserve will be taken all cultural infrastructure and separate sites that will allow providing their long-term preservation in the constant condition.

Comparison with other similar properties

Significant concentration of elements of culture of the different historical epochs, which have kept in relatively small territory with rich biological variety, is the unique phenomenon, and has an universal value.