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Date of Submission: 07/07/2000
Criteria: (i)(ii)(iv)
Category: Cultural
Submitted by:
Department of Antiquities and Heritage
Coordinates: 54 km from the centre of Kut, along UM Adejail/Road
Ref.: 1468
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Wasit is an Islamic city built in the last quarter of the first Hijri century (the 7th century L.C) by Al-Hajaj bin Yousif AL-Thaqafi, as an administrative centre for Iraq. As an ancient city its circumference is 16 KM., It was. Abandoned in the tenth Hijri century after the change in the River (Tigris) bed. Its remains stood sound and sate due to its distant site away from constructive and agricultural influence. Most of its buildings are of bricks. Investigations took place there between 1936-1942, then in 1985. ItslargemosquewasClearedoutwith four stages from the seventh hijri, to the first hijri century with some parts of its emarate house which is next to the mosque at the qibli side. A building knewn as the minarate was cleared out, including a tomb and a school date back to the seventh hijri century, a residence district was also cleared out in the late thirties. Preservations tock place on some parts of the minaret due to walls been worn out, but no real maintenanance was carried out.