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Year Category Title
1991 Decision 15COM XVC
Not Inscribed: Warrior's Cemetary and Monuments of Freedom of Riga (USSR)
1997 Decision 21COM VIIIC
Inscription: The Historic Centre of Riga (Latvia)
1999 Decision 23COM XV6.3
International Assistance for Cultural Heritage approved by the Bureau
2000 Decision 24BUR VII4
Requests for International Assistance
2000 Decision 24COM XC.4
The Abava Valley (Latvia)
2001 Decision 25COM XD
Jurmala Wooden Construction (Dzintari District of Summer Cottages) (Latvia)
2003 Decision 27COM 7B.69
Historic Centre of Riga (Latvia)
2004 Decision 28COM 15B.74
Historic Centre of Riga (Latvia)
2005 Periodic Reporting Periodic Reporting Cycle 1, Section I (Summary)
2005 Decision 29COM 7B.78
Historic Centre of Riga (Latvia)
2005 Decision 29COM 8B.35
Nominations of Cultural Properties to the World Heritage List (the Struve Geodetic Arc )
2007 Decision 31COM 7B.99
Historic Centre of Riga (Latvia)
2008 Decision 32COM 7B.97
Historic Centre of Riga (Latvia) (C 852)
2008 Decision 32COM 8D
Clarifications of property boundaries and sizes by States Parties in response to the restrospective inventory
2009 Decision 33COM 7B.111
Historic Centre of Riga (Latvia) (C 852)
2013 Decision 37COM 8E
Adoption of retrospective Statements of Outstanding Universal Value
2013 Periodic Reporting Periodic Reporting Cycle 2, Section I
2015 Decision 39COM 8B.22
Viking Age Sites in Northern Europe, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Latvia and Norway
2021 Decision 44COM 8B.42
Grobiņa archaeological ensemble (Latvia)
2023 Decision 45COM 8B.18
Old town of Kuldīga (Latvia)