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Selous Game Reserve

United Republic of Tanzania
Factors affecting the property in 1991*
  • Illegal activities
  • Other Threats:

    Opening of a route to drive cattle

Factors* affecting the property identified in previous reports


International Assistance: requests for the property until 1991
Requests approved: 2 (from 1984-1987)
Total amount approved : 60,480 USD
Missions to the property until 1991**
Conservation issues presented to the World Heritage Committee in 1991

The Bureau was concerned about a proposed plan of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development to open a route through this Reserve to drive cattle from the north to the south of Tanzania.

Since the proposed launching of this plan was not based on a proper environmental impact study, and because the wildlife in the Reserve would be threatened by bacterial and viral infections from the cattle, the Bureau recommended that the Chairperson write to the Tanzanian authorities to seek clarifications on the proposed plan. However, in early July IUCN transmitted to the Secretariat information confirming that the plan had been abandoned.

Decisions adopted by the Committee in 1991
15 BUR VI.46
Selous Game Reserve (Tanzania)

The Bureau recalled that the integrity of this site was threatened by intensive poaching of its elephant and rhino populations during the 1980s. The Bureau was concerned by a proposed plan of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development to open a route through this reserve to drive cattle from the north to the south of Tanzania. Livestock from northern Tanzania carry several bacterial and viral diseases which are easily transmitted to wildlife. The Bureau noted that IUCN's specialist veterinary group have outlined a number of conservation risks of opening the proposed route, and that the Director-General of IUCN has offered the Tanzanian authorities support to undertake an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). The Bureau recommended that the Chairperson send a letter to the Tanzanian authorities requesting clarification of proposed plans for the cattle route and that caution be exercised before launching the project, particularly without carrying out an EIA.

SOC: Selous Game Reserve (Tanzania)

Selous Game Reserve (Tanzania)

The Committee was glad to be informed that a proposal to open a route through this Park to drive cattle from the north to the south of the country had been abandoned by the Tanzanian Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development. If implemented, this project would have exposed the wildlife of Selous to bacterial and viral infection from the cattle and resulted in additional problems such as bush fires, dispersion of cattle, increased poaching and vegetation changes. The Committee commended the Tanzanian authorities for having dropped plans to open the route to avoid threats to the integrity of the site.

No draft Decision

Report year: 1991
United Republic of Tanzania
Date of Inscription: 1982
Category: Natural
Criteria: (ix)(x)
Danger List (dates): 2014-present
Documents examined by the Committee
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* : The threats indicated are listed in alphabetical order; their order does not constitute a classification according to the importance of their impact on the property.
Furthermore, they are presented irrespective of the type of threat faced by the property, i.e. with specific and proven imminent danger (“ascertained danger”) or with threats which could have deleterious effects on the property’s Outstanding Universal Value (“potential danger”).

** : All mission reports are not always available electronically.