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Felissimo Corporation (Headquarters in Kobe, Japan) is a leading creative company and fostered a long and rewarding partnership with UNESCO since it became a global sponsor for the 50th anniversary of the United Nations in 1995. Jointly with UNESCO, it has launched innovative projects such as ‘Tribute 21 Program’ which successfully paved a way to people around the world to support more directly valuable UNESCO programs in 1997.

At the 50th anniversary of the UNESCO World Heritage Convention, Felissimo expands and enhances its partnership with UNESCO by supporting ‘World Heritage, Communities and Creativity Project’ that resonates strongly with the company’s philosophy. Both place creativity as a driving force for sustainable development.  With its skills and networks gained through a great number of socially responsible business, Felissimo also helps to empower relevant local communities to play a central role and increase resilience of the inherent and enduring value of World Heritage sites for the next 50 years.