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1st Ibero-American World Heritage Youth Forum

Thursday, 18 June 2009
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1er Foro Juvenil (17/06/2009)

Spain, host of the 33rd session of the World Heritage Committee, is organizing the first Ibero-American World Heritage Youth Forum. Participants will be young people between 12 and 15 years old who attend in their country of origin a secondary school affiliated with the UNESCO ASPnet Schools Network, and who are acquainted with the World Heritage in Young Hands programme. During the week-long event in Seville, these students will attend workshops, tours, lectures and discussions on topics related to World Heritage.

Participates in the Youth Forum will come from different Ibero-American countries, as well as the special guest country, Morocco.

The participation of new generations of children and youth is a key factor in creating awareness about the concepts of cultural and natural heritage, such as identity, a sense of belonging, the importance of development and commitment to conservation. These are the objectives of the signatories of the World Heritage Convention.

Spain has fully assumed the task of organizing and implementing this Youth Forum, with the main objective of developing in children and young people the skills to identify and fulfill their individual and social responsibility in preserving cultural and natural heritage, on the local, national and global level. 

The results of the week's activities will be presented during the opening ceremony of the 33rd session of the World Heritage Committee, to share the findings with the delegates of the Committee.

This will provide young people with an important arena for action and reflection, and the opportunity to express their opinions and ideas in relation to cultural and natural heritage.

For more information, see the website: http://www.patrimoniojoven.com