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World Heritage Youth Forum (2010) 2nd Ibero-American

Aranjuez , the only Spanish site declared Cultural Landscape in the World Heritage List of UNESCO will host the 2nd World Heritage Ibero-American Youth Forum from 20 to June 30, 2010. The event comes in the wake of the 1st Ibero-American Youth Forum on World Heritage, held in Seville in June 2009, during the 33rd session of the World Heritage Committee.

This event will gather together young people between 12 and 15, from Brazil, Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Portugal and Spain and whose participation is linked to a particular site in the World Heritage List or in the Tentative Lists of their respective countries.

The main working topic of forum is "cultural landscape and sustainable cultural tourism. The young participants shall also take up various issues linked to these themes, for example, the relationship between communication and heritage.

The main objective is to develop young people skills that allow them to identify, accept and play their role in the preservation of Cultural and Natural Heritage at local, national and global levels. In particular, it aims to develop in children and young participants the skills to identify and fulfill their individual and social responsibility in the preservation of cultural heritage and natural, local, national and global levels. It also seeks to give young people tools for understanding the importance of heritage and its preservation, in terms of identity.

Information about the day to day activities during the youth forum are available at the 2nd Ibero-American Youth Forum website: http://www.patrimoniojoven.com/