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Call for expression of interest for the renewal of the EU/UNESCO Expert Facility on the governance, data collection, and monitoring of culture and creativity

Wednesday, 29 March 2023
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Deadline: 23 April 2023, midnight (Paris time)

UNESCO launches a call to renew and expand the two existing Expert Facilities for the 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions (hereafter “the 2005 Convention”), and the UNESCO Culture|2030 Indicators under a new EU/UNESCO Expert Facility Programme for a 4-year mandate (2023-2026).

The Expert Facility aims primarily to accompany Member States, and as needed, cities, in the promotion and protection of Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) and in the implementation of the UNESCO Culture|2030 Indicators, as part of a project supported by the EU titled ‘Advancing evidence-based policies and actions, and supporting policy making to enhance the contribution of creative sectors and industries to sustainable development’.

This programme builds on UNESCO and EU’s 10 year-long collaboration to develop policy assistance models and instruments within the framework of the 2005 Convention, aimed particularly at supporting the formulation of regulatory frameworks for the CCIs, and more recently, the implementation of the UNESCO Culture|2030 Indicators. This programme was also supported by the EU for pilot implementation globally, which developed comprehensive qualitative and quantitative measures and indicators to support countries’ cultural policies across the different cultural domains.

The 2005 Convention provides a framework for (national) governments to take policy actions to protect, strengthen and promote their cultural and creative industries. Since the early stage of the Convention, Parties (national governments) have expressed requests for additional information, technical assistance and cooperation, in view to advance on policy making and elaboration for cultural and creative industries, and to address the existing knowledge and capacity gaps.

This call for the Expert Facility represents the fourth cycle of the Facility for the 2005 Convention. The new generation of the Expert Facility for the 2005 Convention is requested to engage in country-level assistance and intervene in the thematic areas of the Convention, based on the demand and priorities of the countries. The on-demand technical assistance for the 2005 Convention under the current project will support partner countries over an 18 to 24 months period to strengthen the ecosystem in which cultural and creative industries operate through the elaboration of regulatory frameworks (laws, strategies and measures, including intellectual property rights related to CCIs) and the strengthening of skills and capacities to support long-term cultural policy development and implementation. Based on the needs and priorities of the partner country, the expert is expected to contribute to and moderate workshops for consultations, capacity building, and drafting, as well as the identification of peer-to-peer shadowing exchange opportunities. In order to assist the implementation, missions to the partner country are envisaged.

The UNESCO Culture|2030 Indicators framework is intended to measure the progress of culture’s enabling contribution to the national and local implementation of the Goals and Targets of the 2030 Agenda. The framework assesses both culture’s role as a sector of activity, as well as the transversal contribution of culture across different SDGs and policy areas. The framework targets more specifically policies, programmes, and activities undertaken by national or local authorities in line with UNESCO’s mandate, thematic priorities, and normative tools in the field of culture.

The UNESCO Culture|2030 Indicators Expert Facility was established in 2021 following an Online International Expert Workshop held in 2020. The renewed Expert Facility will consist of experts from different regions who are fully informed about the methodology and the implementation process of the UNESCO Culture|2030 Indicators, and will support and accompany Member States and their cities in the implementation of the UNESCO Culture|2030 Indicators. The Expert Facility will also provide the necessary technical assistance for capacity building at various levels and regions. The activities of the experts may include workshops, advisory technical assistance, short and long-term capacity-building interventions, mentoring, and among others.

Who can apply?

Applicants may be cultural operators, managers of cultural institutions or associations, researchers, civil servants, academics and/or independent experts specialized in the required fields.

In line with UNESCO and EU priorities, applications from women are strongly encouraged.

For the first Stream for the 2005 Convention, specific attention will be given to the specialization in the emerging themes of the Convention, notably:

  • Digital technology and culture
  • Mobility of artists and cultural professionals
  • Culture and trade
  • Sub-sectoral expertise in the cultural and creative industries, such as publishing, audio-visual, music, etc.
  • Gender equality in the culture sector

For the second Stream for the UNESCO Culture|2030 Indicators, a background in culture is desirable but not strictly required, specific attention will be given to applicants with the following desirable expertise;

  • Familiarity with UNESCO Culture Conventions
  • Experience in data collection in the context of development projects, cultural heritage, and/or creative sector

Next Steps

Candidates will need to submit their applications through the online form in English or French along with an updated CV no later than 23 April 2023, at midnight (Paris time). Should you encounter any challenges in filling out the form online, a PDF version can be found below. Only completed applications meeting the eligibility criteria and with an updated CV will be examined.

More information can be found in the detailed call for the expression of interest.

Online Form for Applicants

Apply in English

Online Form for Applicants

Apply in French

Detailed call for the expression of interest

English French

Should you have any other questions regarding the application and the renewal of the Expert Facility, please do not hesitate to contact UNESCO directly by e-mail: culture_expert_facility@unesco.org.

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