The World Heritage Centre organized a series of testing sessions for the on‑line tool of the World Heritage Policy Compendium. These testing sessions, which took place between April and May 2019, gathered feedback and comments from key World Heritage stakeholders on the Policy Compendium On‑line Tool, currently being developed by the World Heritage Centre.

The consultation is carried out within the framework of the decision to develop an on-line tool for the World Heritage Policy Compendium, which received financial support from the Republic of Korea. The Policy Compendium itself was developed thanks to the generous contribution of the government of Australia. The final on-line Policy Compendium will provide a consolidated source of World Heritage policies, improve decision-making by the World Heritage Committee and States Parties for a better implementation of the World Heritage Convention, and encourage best practice heritage conservation policies.

The on-line testing sessions invited as participants States Parties to the World Heritage Convention, World Heritage Committee Members, UNESCO Category 2 Institutes and Centres, Advisory Bodies to the World Heritage Convention, the Policy Compendium Expert Group, Regional desks of the World Heritage Centre, and civil society organizations with activities in the fields covered by the World Heritage Convention. User testing volunteers were provided with access to the tool they were invited to browse and test. Their feedback on a wide range of factors - user-friendliness, optimization, accessibility, completeness, relevance, etc. - was sent to the Secretariat by filling in a specially designed survey.

The results of the testing phase will allow the Centre to improve and finalise the World Heritage Policy Compendium on-line tool, which will be presented to the World Heritage Committee at its 43rd session (Baku, Azerbaijan, 30 June – 10 July 2019).