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Everglades National Park

Threats to the Site (2010)

The property was re-inscribed on the List of World Heritage in Danger, on the request of the State Party, due to concerns that the property's aquatic ecosystem continues to deteriorate, in particular as a result of:

  • Alterations of the hydrological regime (quantity, timing, and distribution of Shark Slough inflows);
  • Adjacent urban and agricultural growth (flood protection and water supply requirements that affect the property's resources by lowering water levels);
  •   Increased nutrient pollution from upstream agricultural activities;
  •  Protection and management of FloridaBay resulting in significant reduction of both marine and estuarine biodiverstiy.


List in Danger
2010 -Present
1993 -2007
Reporting Trend

Reporting trend based on the frequency at which the World Heritage Committee has deliberated over this property over the past 15 years. 0 = minimum reports, 100 = maximum reports.

For more information consult the The State of Conservation of the World Heritage Forest Network