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Medieval Monuments in Kosovo

Threats to the Site (2006)
  • Lack of legal status of the property;
  • Lack of legislative protection of buffer zones;
  • Lack of implementation of the Management Plan and of active management;
  • Difficulties to monitor the property due to political instability, post-conflict situation (visits under the Kosovo Stabilisation Force / United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (KFOR / UNMIK) escort and lack of guards and security); 
  • Unsatisfactory state of conservation and maintenance of the property.
List in Danger
2006 -Present
Reporting Trend

Reporting trend based on the frequency at which the World Heritage Committee has deliberated over this property over the past 15 years. 0 = minimum reports, 100 = maximum reports.

For more information consult the The State of Conservation of the World Heritage Forest Network