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N°: 71

Conservation work in the City of Damascus

Syrian Arab Republic
State Party
67,800 USD
Approved amount
30 Oct 1981
Decision Date
Process Step
Amount Requested: 120,000 USD
Type of Assistance: Cultural / Conservation
Modality: Technical Cooperation
Previous Id: 1981-043
World Bank: LMC
N°: 71
Decision: Approved
Decision by: Committee
Approved amount: 67,800 USD
Decision Date: 30 Oct 1981

Committee Decisions

Code: 05COM XII.32

32. On the basis of the recommendations of the Bureau and the report of the working group, the Committee approved the following technical co-operation requests:

- Cyprus - Paphos (request n°79.1)  $54,000

- Egypt - Historic Centre of Cairo (request n°89.1(2))  $30,000

- Malta - Hal Saflieni Hypogeum (request n°130.1)  $9,000

- Malta - City of Valetta and the Temples of Ggantija (request n°131.1/132.1.)  $3,250

- Poland - Historic Centre of Cracow (request n°29.1)  $75,000

- Senegal - Island of Gorée (request n°26.1)  $40,700

- Syria - Old City of Damascus (request n°20.1 Rev.)  $67,800

Sub-total for technical co-operation requests concerning cultural properties: $279,750

- Ethiopia - Simien National Park (request n°9.1)  $113,450

- Guinea - Nimba Strict Nature Reserver (request n°155.1)  $70,300

- Nepal - Sagarmatha National Park (request n°120.1)  $54,900

- Tanzania - African Wildlife College at Mweka (assistance to a regional training centre)  $60,000

- Tunisia - Ichkeul National Park (request n°8.1)  $30,000

Sub-total for technical co-operation requests concerning natural properties: $328,650

TOTAL $608,400

The Committee also approved an additional amount of 152,100 dollars for small projects. Thus the total budget for technical co-operation amounts to 760,500 dollars.

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Code: 05COM XII.33

33. Two members of the Committee expressed reservations about the content of the technical co-operation programme for the Old City of Damascus. The Committee shared their opinion in regard to the need for a master plan for the preservation of the traditional urban fabric of the city, and recommended that the competent Syrian authorities establish such a plan.

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Code: 05BUR III.14.A

14. The Bureau examined the deferred and new requests received from the States Parties to the Convention and made the following recommendations to the Committee.

A. Technical Co-operation requests projects recommended for approval

- Malta - Hal Saflieni Hypogeum (request n°130.1)

The Bureau recommended that the Committee grant technical co-operation consisting of equipment and one month's consultant mission for a total amount of $9,000 to help with the preservation of the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum.

- Malta - Ggantija and Valetta (request n°131.1/132.1)

The Bureau recommended that the Committee grant technical co-operation consisting of a two-week consultant mission to advise on setting up a stone research and conservation unit necessary for the preservation of Ggantija and Valletta, at a cost of $3,250.

- Poland - Cracow's Historic Centre (request n°29.1)

The Bureau recommended that technical co-operation in the form of equipment, the cost of which amounts to $75,500, be granted to Poland for the safeguarding of Cracow's Historic Centre.

- Syrian Arab Republic - City of Damascus (request n°20.1 revised)

The Bureau recommended that the Committee grant technical co-operation amounting to $120,000 in the form of equipment and financial assistance for conservation work in the City of Damascus.

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Code: 02BUR V.28

The Syrian Governement has requested equipment (cranes, lorries, jeeps, etc...) for the restoration of Damascus (20.I), Aleppo (21.I), Bosra (22.I) and Palmyra (23.I). However, since the additional information requested has not been received and only the site of Damascus had been recommended for inscription on the List, the Bureau preferred to defer its decision until the information required had been received.

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