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N°: 3246

Appui à la finalisation du dossier d’extension du Koutammakou, le pays des Batammariba

State Party
4,998 USD
Approved amount
2 Dec 2020
Decision Date
Process Step
Aerial view of a Takienta (Benin) (18/06/2020) © Daniel Aboki | Daniel Aboki | Image Source: Nomination file

Benin has embarked on the process of extending Koutammakou, the land of the Batammariba, a property in Togo that has been inscribed on the World Heritage List since 2004.

The specific objectives of the project were as follows:
- Finalize and validate the management plan for the Beninese part of Koutammakou, , the land of the Batammariba, with a view to its submission in January 2021;
- Collect additional geographical data to finalize the drafting of the Koutammakou extension file.


Benin's Department of Cultural Heritage hired a consultant to draw up a management plan for the site. This work, which was carried out over a period of one month, culminated in a review and validation workshop in Koussoucoingou in northern Benin on 16 December 2020, in the commune of Boukombé.

At the same time, the cartographic work was completed and the maps printed.

The finalized nomination dossier was submitted to the World Heritage Centre on 29 January 2021. It was assessed as complete, and was therefore evaluated by ICOMOS between March 2021 and April 2022. As the World Heritage Committee was unable to meet in 2022, the file was examined at the 45th extended session in 2023 (Fuzhou / online). The Committee then approved the extension of the property "Koutammakou, Land of the Batammariba", Togo, to include "Koutammakou, Land of the Batammariba", Benin, on the basis of criteria (v) and (vi) (Decision 45 COM 8B.7).

Amount Requested: 4,998 USD
Type of Assistance: Cultural / Preparatory
World Bank: LIC
LDC: Yes
N°: 3246
Decision: Approved
Decision by: Director
Approved amount: 4,998 USD
Decision Date: 2 Dec 2020