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N°: 2138

Purchase of equipment for the project to protect the rhinoceros population in Garamba National Park

Democratic Republic of the Congo
State Party
20,000 USD
Approved amount
19 Jun 1986
Decision Date
Process Step
Amount Requested: 20,000 USD
Type of Assistance: Natural / Emergency
Post Conflict: Yes
World Bank: 0
LDC: Yes
N°: 2138
Decision: Approved
Decision by: Bureau
Approved amount: 20,000 USD
Decision Date: 19 Jun 1986

Committee Decisions

Code: 10BUR IX.27


Provision of a photogrammetric camera and two additional items for the photometer already supplied for the surveying of Bulgarian World Heritage properties. The Bureau recommended that the Committee grant $25,000 under the technical cooperation budget for 1987.

Malawi - Lake Malawi National Park

Purchase of equipment (boats, radios, tents) to strengthen the protection of the park. The Bureau was informed that this request had been reviewed and was to be submitted to the Chairman of the World Heritage Committee as a 'small-scale' technical cooperation request for $19,800 under the 1986 budget. The Bureau also took note that this amount is added to a national counterpart contribution and to support from IUCN/WWF.

Turkey - Istanbul

The Bureau recommended that the Committee approve the requests for $12,000 for training activities in wood stone conservation and for $10,000 for the creation of a laboratory for wood conservation. The Bureau requested that the Turkish authorities supply a detailed list of the equipment component with clear indications of priorities.

Yugoslavia - Monuments of Ohrid

The Bureau recommended that the Committee approve the request for $20,000 for equipment for the control of microclimatic conditions and for the conservation of paintings of the monuments of Ohrid.


The Bureau recommended the allocation of $24,500 under the 1987 technical cooperation budget as a contribution to the organization of the 7th International Course on the Technology on Stone Conservation to be held in Venice from 28 April to 27 June 1987. This contribution would in particular enable fellows from developing countries to participate.

Zaire - Garamba National Park

The Bureau recalled that, at its ninth session, the Committee approved a request for US$20,000 under 'Emergency assistance' for Garamba National Park. It had furthermore authorized the Bureau to approve an additional amount of US$20,000 under technical cooperation for this property subject to the receipt of an appropriate request. On 28 May 1986, the Zairain authorities submitted such a request for the purchase of equipment up to an amount of US$20,000 for the continuation of this project.

The Bureau therefore approved the allocation of US$20,000 under 'small-scale' technical co-operation.

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Code: 06COM XII.41

On the basis of the recommendations of the working group, the Committee approved the following technical co-operation requests:

  • Bulgaria - Boyana, Ivanovo and Madara Rider (request 42-43-45.1): $48,000
  • Haiti - Citadel Henry, National History Park (request 180.1): $57,200
  • Honduras - Maya site of Copan (request 129.1): $24,050
  • Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan - Old City of Jerusalem (request 148.1): $100,000
  • Pakistan - Archaeological ruins of Moenjodaro (request 138.1): $34,000
  • Yugoslavia - Natural and Culturo-Historical Region of Kotor (request 125.1 rev): $50,000

Sub-total for technical co-operation requests concerning cultural properties: $313,250

  • Ethiopia - Simien National Park (request 9.1 rev): $21,000
  • Honduras - Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve (request 196.1 rev): $67,025
  • Nepal - Sagarmatha National Park (request 120.1 3 rev): $61,995
  • Panama - Darien National Park (request 159.1 rev): $55,000
  • Senegal - Niokolo-Koba National Park (request 153.1 rev): $27,031
  • Senegal - Djoudj National Park (request 25.1 rev): $29,132
  • Seychelles - Aldabra Atoll (request 185.1): $21,000

Sub-total for technical co-operation requests concerning natural properties: $282,183

TOTAL concerning cultural and natural properties: $595,433

& 25% reserve for small-scale projects: $148,858

TOTAL: $744,291

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