The Raymond Lemaire Centre for Conservation (KU Leuven) and the many friends of Dr. Hisao Arahi invite you to attend a Memorial Service in his honor, to take place on October 29, 2004 at 18:30 in the St. Lambertus Chapel of the Arenbergcampus, Heverlee - Belgium.

Hisao Arahi, a true friend and dedicated professional, devoted his soul and skills to the study and conservation of architectural heritage around the globe.  On a visit to Angkor years ago he fell in love with its monuments and chose to dedicate his life and energy to its preservation.  He volunteered his skills to numerous conservation projects around the world, from measuring temples in Japan , to monuments in Morocco , and his beloved Khmer architecture in Cambodia .  In 1995 he arrived at the Raymond Lemaire Centre for Conservation (KU Leuven) alone, shy, and speaking only French and Japanese, to pursue his master's and doctorate.  By the time he left with a PhD in Engineering in 2003, he was fluent in English, a fixture of the  Centre, and a friend to all.  His dissertation on conservation strategies for the protection of the Khmer monuments, under the guidance of Professors K. De Jonge, Y. Ishizawa, B. Bruguier and K. Van Balen, was an important contribution to his field.  Upon his return to Japan in 2003 he coordinated the Sophia Mission at Angkor and led a major international symposia on its conservation.  In April of this year he returned to Tokyo to take a teaching position at Sophia University where he shared his experience and skills to overflowing classes of eager young students.

Hisao's time with us was a rare gift.  Passionate, caring, and occasionally mischievous, he was a joy to be around.  He was always there for others with a helping hand and positive spirit.  His passing is a great loss not only to the field of conservation in general but to the friends and family that loved him so much.

Hisao's radiant smile and happy spirit touched the lives of many and his memory will always be with us.  We miss him dearly.  Please join us in honoring his contribution to all our lives.

Mario Santana Quintero
Alonzo Addison