Insula, the International Scientific Council for Island Development, is pleased to announce the World Conference on "Volcanoes, Landscapes and Cultures", organized under the auspices of UNESCO, the Council of Europe, the Italian government, and in partnership with UNESCO's Man and Biosphere Programme (MaB), the Sicilian Regional Government, the University of Catania, the Etna Regional Park Authority, and other relevant organizations, such as LAVE, the European Association of Volcanology.

This Conference, the first of its kind, will address from a holistic and multidisciplinary point of view the core aspects of the age-old relationships between humankind, volcanic landscapes, and the obscure turbulence of the mineral world. Participants from all geographical and professional horizons are invited to share traditions, knowledge and experience, and uncover together promising areas for innovation and peaceful development of volcanic territories.

One goal of the meeting is to create a permanent on-line platform, provisionally called "the House of Volcanoes", to foster intercontinental dialogue and knowledge exchange.

The event will take place in Catania (Sicily), on the slopes of Mount Etna.