1. Abstracts or poster should be submitted electronically to: wh-info@unesco.org. and 2009seminar@fuuh.upv.es before 30 October 2008 and should include the following information:

a. Author’s name, title and qualifications ;
b. title of paper or poster;
c. E-mail address;
d. telephone number and fax number;
e. institution name and complete postal address;
f. abstract (500 words maximum) or poster;
g. thematic area.
h. bibliography

Use abstract form

2. Abstract or posters should be submitted in any of the three official languages of the Seminar, i.e., English, French or Spanish. Abstracts or posters submitted in another language will not be accepted.

3. Abstracts should be single-spaced, in Times New Roman, font size 12. Authors should also indicate with which thematic area their abstract should correspond. Authors should indicate the bibliographic details of their sources. This bibliography is not included in the 500 words.

4. Only one abstract and paper may be submitted by each author. Abstracts and papers may be jointly authored; however, authors in a research team cannot submit another paper, even individually. Each team should designate a team leader, in order to register the abstract under only one name. Once accepted by the Scientific Committee, the paper may be presented by the whole team. All members withing a team are welcome to attend the Seminar. Proccedings will indicate the names of all.

5. Each proposed abstract and/or poster will be assessed by a Scientific Committee whose decision will be passed on to the authors as soon as possible, and not later than 20 December 2008. A table of the accepted abstracts will be found in the seminar website.
Those interested in obtaining a certificate to support their application for travel aid from their respective institutions should contact the Seminar Secretary, at 2009seminar@fuuh.upv.es by 15 January 2009 at the latest.

6. Participants needing a letter of support to help them obtain a visa to access Vietnam, should apply at wh-info@unesco.org by 31 January 2009 at the latest.

7. The accepted abstracts of authors who have registered for the Seminar will be published and will be available at the meeting.

8. The Scientific Committee may wish to change the thematic area chosen by the author of an abstract, when it considers this appropriate. In this case, authors will be notified in the letter of acceptance.

9. The Scientific Committee may request that some abstracts be reformulated or refocused. Notification of this request will be made by 20 December 2008 to the authors. Revised abstracts should be submitted no later than 20 January 2009.

10. Once the abstract or poster has been accepted, a full version of the paper should be sent electronically to: wh-info@unesco.org. and 2009seminar@fuuh.upv.es All full papers must be received by 27 February 2009. They will be included in the original official language of submission (English, French or Spanish) in a CD-Rom of conference papers or in a publication.

11. Full papers or text posters should be single-spaced, in Times New Roman, font size 12. The paper length should not exceed six A4 sheets. A bibliography should complete papers. This bibliography comes in addition to the six A4 sheets. Posters should not exceed three standard-measure A1 sheets, with a maximum of three plates.

12. The Organizing Committee will establish the time and place in which each paper will be read, and will include it in the official programme. The time allotted to each participant will be 15 minutes maximum, in order to allow debate to take place every day.

13. Papers must be presented by their author(s). Should author(s) be absent in Hanoi, Vietnam when the presentation is scheduled in the Seminar programme, these papers will not be presented nor published in the final proceedings of the Seminar.

14. It will be possible to use PowerPoint for presentations. Academics wishing to use PowerPoint must provide the Organizing Committee with a CD-Rom or USB key copy prior to the start of the session they pertain. Interpretation services will be provided in English, French, Spanish and Vietnamese in plenary sessions and in thematic subsidiary sessions. Retro-projectors and slide presentation will also be possible.