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Heritage Conservation and Sustainable Development

Wednesday 31 May 2006
Friday 02 Jun 2006

A follow-up to the International Conference on Cultural Heritage Management and Urban Development, which was held in Beijing (China) in July 2000, this 2nd international conference will be aimed at increasing institutional understanding of tools for managing and developing cultural heritage.

Through plenary and working group sessions (cultural management, tourism and heritage financing) the conference will provide an opportunity for some 150 leaders and decision-makers, from local, provincial and municipal government levels, to discuss local experiences, international best practice, and practical strategies and tools for the management and sustainable development of heritage sites in China. Mayors and directors of the Finance Bureaux, the Development and Reform Commissions, the Ministry of Construction Commissions and the Tourism, Cultural Heritage Bureaux have also been invited.

The main objective will be to provide key decisionmakers in China with an opportunity to deepen their understanding of the issues in:

  • planning for effective cultural heritage conservation and protection
  • developing and managing sustainable cultural tourism
  • establishing long-term financing mechanisms to support heritage conservation.

There will be three separate but interrelated themes presented at the conference and presentations and case studies will address a broad range of situations from urban to rural settings and from single relic to mixed-use sites on:

  • Strategies for Successful Heritage Conservation
  • Management & Monitoring;Sustainable Tourism as a Tool for Heritage Conservation
  • Long-Term Heritage Financing and Revenue Generation.

Organizer: State Administration for Cultural Heritage (SACH) of China, the Ministry of Construction of China, UNESCO World Heritage Centre and the World Bank.

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Wednesday, 31 May 2006
Friday, 2 June 2006

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Shaoxing, China