Transforming Economies and Civilizations: The Role of Technology

While open to all proposals, the program committee suggests the following themes to contributors:

  • Energy, water, sanitary, and other utility systems
  • E-communication and media technologies, including cultural and social issues
  • Transportation and its role in trans-local and "global" economies, cultural exchange, and cross-fertilization
  • Long-term developments in materials and their uses (pigments, ceramics, dyes, metals)
  • Comparative analysis of technologies and long-term changes
  • Technological and modern cultural history topics (e.g. the body, youth, old age, birth, death, the senses, health, illness)
  • Medicine, public health, and the evolution of medical technologies
  • Developments in military technologies
  • Survival of "old" technologies and revival of "obsolete" technologies
  • Implicit knowledge, embodiment, and similar themes
  • Technical "revolutions" (e.g., the Agricultural Revolution, the Technical Revolution of the Middle Ages, the Industrial Revolution, the Information Revolution)

Membership in ICOHTEC is not required to participate in the symposium.

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