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10th ОХРИД Summer School of Architecture 50th anniversary of the World Heritage Convention

16-18 September 2022
This year marks the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the World Heritage Convention by UNESCO’s General Conference on 16 November 1972. With near universal ratification by 194 States Parties, the World Heritage Convention is now one of the most ratified international conventions in history.

The 1,154 cultural and natural World Heritage properties located in 167 countries across the globe testify at once to its diversity and to the power of heritage to bring people together around common values and aspirations. The theme for the anniversary year is “The Next 50: World Heritage as a source of resilience, humanity and innovation.” Five key areas will orient the reflection on the Next 50: Climate Change and Heritage Conservation; Balanced Representation of the Inscribed Sites; Sustainable Tourism; Digital Transformation; and Post-COVID-19 Recovery. In close partnership with the NI Institute for protection of monuments of culture and Museum - Ohrid with collaboration with the Munistry of Culture of North Macedonia and the National Commission for UNESCO, we are highly motivated to mark this anniversary.

Through a reflection on the results produced in the frame of 2021 session of ОХРИД Summer School of Architecture in a form of architectural projects for places established as a one of the crucial heritage sites on a national level, we give our point of view to two key areas stated in the Next 50.

To enhance the protection of the national cultural and natural heritage by proposing sustainable development which include new builded subtle intervention or program adaptation on the formaly protected sites and places.
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Friday, 16 September 2022
Sunday, 18 September 2022

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