The National Commission of Romania for UNESCO is proud to organize this autumn, in Bucharest, Romania, the inter-regional project “HeRe – Heritage Revivals  - Heritage for Peace”, from the 23rd to 27th September 2019.

HeRe aims to create a platform for multi-stakeholder participatory processes, that can facilitate the networking and exchange of good case practices related to the protection of cultural and natural heritage in danger, as well as raise public awareness on efforts to prevent and mitigate these dangers caused by armed conflicts and natural/man-made hazards. The project has two parts.

The first part is an invitation-only international meeting, in Bucharest, Romania, between 23 – 27 September 2019, attended by representatives of Romanian and foreign governments, international organizations, NGOs, universities, military, mass-media, who will contribute with presentations and discussions on the targeted topics of the meeting. Participants will share insights, lessons learned, exchange good case practices on how they protect their cultural and natural heritage in their own countries, and how they managed to rebuild what was partially or completely destroyed, ultimately strengthening each other’s capacities. We will also talk about motivating peacekeeping efforts for the protection of heritage sites, global citizenship education and prevention of violent extremism through education, as well as the role of higher education institutions in the protection of cultural and natural heritage.

“HeRe – Heritage Revivals  - Heritage for Peace” project will explore synergies between the diverse UNESCO Conventions protecting heritage, and between the Culture sector and the Education sector, since the protection of heritage is undeniably linked to education.

The second part of the project, which will happen throughout October, is the development of a movie and a brochure, focusing on the topics covered by the “HeRe – Heritage Revivals  - Heritage for Peace” project, including the List of World Heritage in Danger, good practices, and preservation needs to improve the sites’ state of conservation.

For more information on “HeRe – Heritage Revivals  - Heritage for Peace”, please contact Ms. Iris Constantin, expert of the National Commission of Romania for UNESCO and project manager: