The Sub-Regional Conference 'Heritage, World Heritage, and the Future: Perspectives on Scale, Conservation and Dialogue' will take place at ANAMED, Koç University (Istanbul, Turkey) on 5-6 December 2019.

Co-organized by UNESCO, this sub-regional conference will highlight the archaeological heritage of Turkey, going back thousands of years (with Hattusha: the Hittite Capital, the archaeological site of Troy or Ephesus) and managerial experiences on archaeological heritage sites concerning the three core activities of the management process: research, conservation and presentation.

This is one-of-a-kind event and as a result, the Europe and North America Unit of the World Heritage Centre intends to build on and expand its cooperation with the State Party of Turkey in the field of archaeology to establish an international network of archaeological World Heritage experts dedicated to sharing experiences and good practices for World Heritage site management.

For the programme: