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Workshop: The management plan of Casablanca, a city candidate for the World Heritage

3-4 September 2015
Casablanca city centre © Melita Vangelatos | Melita Vangelatos

For the last ten years, the architectural heritage of the twentieth century has become more and more important at an international level. However, in the Arab region, the heritage of modernity, and more generally the architectural and urban production of the twentieth century is very weakly represented in spite of the initiatives of the various States concerned. In late 2013, “Casablanca” was added to Morocco’s tentative list of the World Heritage. The nomination file is today progressing and has taken several steps forward: consultation with international and local experts, civil society and nomination file design.

Casamémoire (Association for the Safeguarding of Morocco’s Modern Architecture located in Casablanca), the Ministry of Culture and Casapatrimoine (Société de développement local) have been preparing a nomination file on Casablanca with the contribution of international experts of diverse disciplines (historians, architects, archaeologists, town planners, art historians, sociologists, anthropologists, etc.). The main aim of the workshop is to further consult international and local experts on Casablanca in order to review the progress of the nomination file and to develop the management plan. It is also worth noting that the management of Casablanca follows the approach of UNESCO’s Recommendation on Historic Urban Landscapes (2013). 

Several examples in the management of World Heritage properties in Europe and in the Arab world will be presented in order to underline the specificities of a management plan for the World Heritage cities. The workshop will also be interested in the legislative and practical tools implemented to assure the management of the city and its architectural heritage. The analysis of the management patrimonial landscape will allow to identify the strength and weakness in order to develop a management plan adapted to the urban reality of Casablanca and to its numerous challenges, in particular in terms of patrimonial preservation and social cohesion.

The workshop is financially supported by the Netherlands Funds-in-Trust at the World Heritage Centre.

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Association de sauvegarde du patrimoine architectural du XXe siècle au Maroc 
29 avenue Lalla Yacout - 20000 Casablanca 
Tél. : +212 5 22 47 43 33
Fax : +212 5 22 22 74 64

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Thursday, 3 September 2015
Friday, 4 September 2015

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Casablanca, Morocco