On the occasion of the 39th session of the World Heritage Committee, the Europe and North America Unit organised a side event to mark the successful conclusion of the Second Cycle of Periodic Reporting for Europe and North America.

This event was an opportunity for the World Heritage Centre to thank all involved in this cycle of Periodic Reporting: the national Focal Points and Site Managers and also the team of experts that contributed to the statistical and narrative analysis of the responses to the Periodic Reporting questionnaires.

The event was sponsored by the State Party of Georgia, and featured a display and a movie about Georgian viticulture landscapes and wine traditions.

with Periodic Reporting across Europe

As the Second Cycle of Periodic Reporting drew to a close, the World Heritage Centre collected feedback on the exercise from Focal Points and heritage experts.

The side event was an opportunity to premiere four short videos on Periodic Reporting realised by the World Heritage Centre with the participation of Focal Points from Europe, heritage experts and members of the Secretariat. Their views on the process, benefits and future of Periodic Reporting can be found in the videos below, along with an introduction to the exercise as a whole.