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2nd Caribbean Workshop on Disaster Risks Management for World Heritage

13-17 May 2013
Old Havana and its fortifications © Ron van Oers

The 2nd Caribbean Workshop on Disaster Risks Management will take place at “Old Havana and its fortifications” World Heritage site in Cuba from the 13th to the 17th of May 2013.    

The workshop is organized by UNESCO Havana Office and the World Heritage Centre, in coordination with the National Council for Cultural Heritage of Cuba and the cooperation of ICOMOS and ICCROM. It is part of the Caribbean Capacity Building Programme (CCBP) for World Heritage and is financed by the Netherlands Funds-in-Trust at UNESCO. 

The overall objective of the workshop is:

  • to train Heritage Experts in the Prevention and Management of Disaster Risks and for them to become capable of promoting (in association with specialized agencies) the inclusion of Heritage into the overall plans for Risk Preparedness established in their respective  countries.
  • to associate as much as possible the Management of Disaster Risks for World Heritage with the UN procedures applied for international emergency assistance, thus enhancing the definitions and the understanding of the procedures established in the World Heritage Convention. 

The singularity of this workshop will be the overall and cross-industry approach to the World Heritage Convention, as a coordinated strategy among UNESCO sectors to assess the lessons learnt and the new challenges on risk prevention and management facing the World Heritage sites in the Caribbean.

Heritage Experts from Aruba, Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and agencies of civil protection as well as other participants, will discuss their experiences on Disaster Risks Management in the increasing challenges of the sub region. This workshop will examine: cases studies analysis on Heritage Risk Preparedness and Management; the adaptation and mitigation of Climate Change and the procedures applied by United Nations to international cooperation. Experiences from media professionals and teachers will also be shared. 

Contact at UNESCO Havana: Victor Marin, CCBP coordinator, v.marin@unesco.org & Elsa M. Martín, em.martin@unesco.org

Or see the website: http://www.unesco.lacult.org/noticias/showitem.php?lg=2&id=3564

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Monday, 13 May 2013
Friday, 17 May 2013

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Old Havana and its fortifications, Cuba