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Day: Friday, 30 January 2015 close
28-30 January 2015
With the armed conflict that occurred between 2012 and 2013, Mali's cultural heritage, including its ancient manuscripts, was severely damaged. In Timbuktu, many valuable manuscripts were burned or stolen, forcing their owners, communities and local NGOs to exfiltrate them to Bamako, the capital of the country, in the most precarious of conditions. Thanks to the presence of a panel of ...
1 January 2015 - 10 February 2015
Terra 2016 is the twelfth in a series of international events organised since 1972, bringing together academics, professionals and experts, and a broad audience around earthen architectures. It will be held from 11 to14 July 2016 at the Centre de Congrès in Lyon, France. The 2016 edition will focus mainly on issues dealing with sustainable development, particularly in urban areas. This event ...
13 October 2014 - 7 May 2015
[in French only] Partout et de tous temps, le talent des hommes a produit d’immenses chefs-d’oeuvre, expressions matérielles ou immatérielles de l’esprit des lieux. Depuis presque deux cents ans, en France, les responsables politiques et les acteurs culturels ont élaboré des doctrines et des corpus de règles patrimoniales pour identifier, préserver et valoriser les édifices, les ensembles ...