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Day: Sunday, 25 February 2007 close
8 February 2007 - 30 April 2007
22nd IIC Congress, London 2008Conservation and AccessThe 22nd IIC international Congress will take place in London, UK, 15-19 September 2008. The subject will be ‘Conservation and Access'.Encouraging physical and intellectual access to collections and sites is a major aim for cultural institutions. Conservators and conservation scientists play an important part in enabling our shared ...
1 December 2006 - 31 March 2007
The Euromed Heritage Journalistic Award is an international press competition dealing with the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage. The competition, organized by the European Commission, via the Regional Management and Support Unit (RMSU) of the Euromed Heritage Programme, is open to journalists from EU and Mediterranean partners. It is organized in collaboration with UNESCO, the ...
31 October 2006 - 30 April 2007
7th International Conference on Easter Island and the Pacific in Visby, SwedenAugust 20-25, 2007Call for papers deadline: May 1, 2007Heritage and World Heritage is an international field where interests in politics, commerce, indigenous community relations, scientific research, representations of the past and creative performance are joined. The World Heritage programme focuses international ...