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3 Events
Month: August 2005 close
22-24 August 2005
Main Focus : The process of creating virtual environments from multiple data sources. Topics include, but not limited to: Image-based 3D modeling of complex sites and architectures Laser scanning of large and complex objects. Data registration and integration. Automated modeling techniques for complex sites and architectures. Accuracy requirement and assessment for 3D reconstruction. ...
18-20 August 2005
Eritrea ratified the World Heritage Convention in 2001, but does not yet have a site inscribed on the List, or a complete Tentative List of sites.The workshop will raise awareness of problems that can arise in the application of the Convention and encourage an active commitment on behalf of the country among national administrators, politicians, future managers of World Heritage sites, and ...
17 June 2005 - 11 September 2005
Under the auspices of UNESCO, this exhibit presents for the first time in Europe 73 aquatints of the 18th century, with their mirror reflection of 73 contemporary photographs. The India of palaces, towns, fortresses, landscapes and places of worship: the same sites from the same point of view, demonstrating what has or has not changed over 200 years. The passage from the  Ganges Valley to the ...