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Decision 28 COM 14B.11
Nominations of Natural Properties to the World Heritage List (Pitons Management Area)

The World Heritage Committee,

1. Inscribes the Pitons Management Area, Saint Lucia on the World Heritage List on the basis of natural criteria (i) and (iii):

Criterion (i): The Pitons Management Area contains the greater part of a collapsed stratovolcano contained within the volcanic system, known to geologists as the Soufriere Volcanic Centre. Prominent within the volcanic landscape are two eroded remnants of lava domes, Gros Piton and Petit Piton. The Pitons occur with a variety of other volcanic features including cumulodomes, explosion craters, pyroclastic deposits (pumice and ash), and lava flows.
Collectively, these fully illustrate the volcanic history of an andesitic composite volcano associated with crustal plate subduction.

Criterion (iii): The Pitons Management Area derives its primary visual impact and aesthetic qualities from the Pitons, two adjacent forest-clad volcanic lava domes rising abruptly from the sea to heights greater than 700m. The Pitons predominate over the St Lucian landscape, being visible from virtually every part of the island and providing a distinctive landmark for seafarers. The combination of the Pitons against the backdrop of green tropical vegetation and a varying topography combined with a marine foreground gives the area its superlative beauty.

2. Commends the State Party for developing strong support among the local residential and commercial communities for the establishment and management of the Pitons Management Area;

3. Encourages the State Party to continue supporting the conservation of the park by:

   a) providing adequate staff and budget for the Pitons Management Area,
   b) completing the process of acquiring additional private lands within the area,
   c) completing the operational plan,
   d) ensuring that power generation is not developed in the Sulphur Springs Area;

4 Further encourages the State Party to work with the World Heritage Centre and other Caribbean States to undertake technical studies of the volcanic landscapes of the region, to identify other sites of potential outstanding universal value and if appropriate, develop a strategy for a phased transboundary nomination that will recognise the outstanding universal value of the Caribbean volcanic
landscapes. The World Heritage Centre, IUCN and other relevant bodies are requested to assist the State Party in these studies.

Decision Code
28 COM 14B.11
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Decisions of the 28th session of the World Heritage Committee
Context of Decision
WHC-04/28.COM/14B Add
WHC-04/28.COM/14B Rev
WHC-04/28.COM/INF.14B Corr