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Decision 44 COM 7B.112
Iguaçu National Park (Brazil) (N 355)

The World Heritage Committee,

  1. Having examined Document WHC/21/44.COM/7B,
  2. Recalling Decision 42 COM 7B.84, adopted at its 42nd session (Manama, 2018),
  3. Expresses its utmost concern that the Baixo Iguaçu hydropower plant (HPP) is now in full operation without the submission of a specific assessment of the project’s impacts on the Outstanding Universal Value (OUV) of the property to the World Heritage Centre, and requests the State Party to provide updated information on compliance with the specific operational requirements established for the operation of the HPP, particularly ensuring agreed minimum water flows and reduced fluctuations, and to report on these results;
  4. Takes note of the on-going monitoring programmes by the HPP operator and the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation (ICMBio), and also requests the State Party to:
    1. Review the monitoring programmes to ensure that all potential impacts of the HPP on the property’s OUV and integrity are being monitored and expand the ichthyofauna monitoring sub-programme to include all relevant species,
    2. Ensure that all negative impacts observed through monitoring are adequately addressed, including impacts from water pollution,
    3. Ensure that the monitoring results are used to regulate action plans for mitigation, adaptive management and the operation of the HPP;
  5. Regrets that no specific cooperation occurred with the State Party of Argentina to jointly assess the potential impacts of the new HPP, and reiterates its request to the States Parties of Argentina and Brazil to cooperate on the development of a comprehensive overall monitoring system both for aquatic fauna and water flow, which would provide oversight and ensure compliance with the requirements and action plans prescribed for the hydropower project, thus assessing their effectiveness in mitigating adverse impacts on the OUV of both properties;
  6. Welcomes programmes such as the Biodiversity Corridor Consolidation to reconnect the property with isolated fragments of the surrounding forest and the Natural Resource Inspection Programme to strengthen the fight against illegal activities, and also requests the State Party to continue these programmes and report on their outcomes;
  7. Expresses grave concern on the potential legislative implication of the two Bills (new PL 984/2019 and unarchived PLC 61/2013) under consideration, which propose the reopening of the Colono Road, and which could, if approved, create the conditions to re-inscribe the property on the List of World Heritage in Danger, in line with Paragraph 180 of the Operational Guidelines and urges the State Party to ensure the continued closure of Colono Road;
  8. Also welcomes the elaboration of the updated Management Plan for the Iguaçu National Park, as well as the establishment of the National Programme for Monitoring Biodiversity (‘Monitora’), and further requests the State Party to submit the Monitora programme results and provide information on the progress of improving tourist access opportunities from local municipalities other than Foz do Iguaçu;
  9. Requests furthermore the State Party to submit to the World Heritage Centre, by 1 December 2022, an updated report on the state of conservation of the property and the implementation of the above, for examination by the World Heritage Committee at its 46th session.
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44 COM 7B.112
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2021 Iguaçu National Park
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