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Decision 43 COM 13
International Assistance

The World Heritage Committee,

  1. Having examined Documents WHC/19/43.COM/13 and WHC/19/43.COM/13.Add,
  2. Approves the budget adjustments within the World Heritage Fund to increase the budget line “International Assistance – Conservation & Management” by US$ 110,468, this amount being covered by the budget lines “Cooperation with other Conventions & Organizations” (for US$ 5,000) “Information Management” (for US$ 32,000), “Periodic Reporting-Global” (for US$ 30,000) and “Periodic Reporting-Asia” (for US$ 10,000), as well as by the funds from savings on prior year’s obligations (for US$ 33,468);
  3. Decides to approve the following International Assistance requests:
    • “Optimising usage control and monitoring for the conservation and management of pelagic ecosystems in the Galápagos Marine Reserve” (Ecuador), for an amount of US$ 59,975 under the Conservation & Management-Nature budget;
    • “Request for International Assistance for the evaluation of the 2012-2018 management plan and the preparation of the new management plan (2019-2024) for the Historic Centre of Agadez” (Niger), for an amount of US$ 42,385 under the Conservation & Management-Culture budget;
    • “Conservation, revitalization and sustainable cultural development of the Temple of la Limpia e Inmaculada Concepcion de la Antigua Guatemala” (Guatemala), for an amount of US$ 69,791, namely US$ 68,083 under the Conservation & Management-Culture budget and US$ 1,708 under the Conservation & Management-Nature budget as authorized by paragraph 240 of the Operational Guidelines;
    • “Minimising impacts of the invasive yellow crazy ant Anoplolepis gracilipes at the Vallée de Mai UNESCO World Heritage site, Seychelles, to preserve its outstanding universal value” (Seychelles), for an amount of US$ 96,850 under the Emergency assistance budget;
  4. Recalling Decision 42 COM 13, paragraph 4, strongly appeals to all States Parties to make voluntary contributions for International Assistance by choosing among the options described in Resolution 19 GA 8.