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Resolution 4 GA 9-11
Examination of the Statement of Accounts of the World Heritage Fund

9. The representative of the Bureau of the Comptroller intro­duced document CLT-83/CONF.022/2 by which the accounts of the Fund were submitted to the General Assembly in accordance with the Financial Regulations of the World Heritage Fund. He drew attention to the accounts for the financial period which terminated on 31 December 1980 given in annex I of the document as well as to the interim statement for the three-year financial period 1981-1983 drawn up as at 31 July 1983 set out in annex II. The Assembly was informed of contributions which had been received from several States Parties since 31 July 1983 as follows :

Country                                                    Amount                     Year of contribution

Afghanistan                                           199,00                         balance 1982, $ 9,00 for 1983

Algeria                                                4,780,00                         1982 and 1983

Argentina                                            6,419,05                         balance 1981, 1st payment 1982

Cyprus                                                   199,00                         1983

Iraq                                                     2,390,00                         1982

Libya                                                 13,742,00                         1981, 1982 and 1983

Nepal                                                     199,00                         1983

Niger                                                      199,00                         1981

Oman                                                    199,00                         1983

Pakistan                                             1,394,00                         balance 1982, $ 1,279,27 for 1983

Portugal                                              3,784,00                         1983

Tunisia                                                   597,00                         1983

10. A certain number of delegations informed the Assembly that steps were underway in their countries for the prompt payment of their contributions.
11. The General Assembly then took note of the accounts of the World Heritage Fund for the financial period ending 31 December 1980 as well as the interim statement of the accounts for the three-year period 1981-1983 drawn up as at 31 July 1983. The Assembly also took note of the information provided by the representative of the Comptroller concerning the contributions received since 31 July 1983.
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