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Decision 39 COM 8B.52
Statements of Outstanding Universal Value of 12 properties inscribed at the 38th session (Doha, 2014) and not adopted by the World Heritage Committee

The World Heritage Committee,

  1. Having examined Document WHC-15/39.COM/8B.Add,
  2. Adopts the following Statements of Outstanding Universal Value for the following World Heritage properties inscribed at the 38th session of the World Heritage Committee (Doha, 2014):
  • Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador , Peru, Qhapaq Ñan, Andean Road System;
  • China, The Grand Canal;
  • Germany, Carolingian Westwork and Civitas Corvey;
  • Iran (Islamic Republic of), Shahr-i Sokhta;
  • Iraq, Erbil Citadel;
  • Mexico , Ancient Maya City and Protected Tropical Forests of Calakmul, Campeche;
  • Myanmar , Pyu Ancient Cities;
  • Palestine, Palestine: Land of Olives and Vines – Cultural Landscape of Southern Jerusalem, Battir;
  • Saudi Arabia, Historic Jeddah, the Gate to Makkah;
  • Turkey, Bursa and Cumalıkızık: the Birth of the Ottoman Empire;
  • Turkey, Pergamon and its Multi-Layered Cultural Landscape;
  • United States of America, Monumental Earthworks of Poverty Point.
Decisions adopted by the World Heritage Committee at its 39th session (Bonn, 2015)
Context of Decision