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Decision 23 BUR IV.B.51
Jesuit Missions of the Guaranis (Argentina and Brazil): The Jesuit Mission of Santa Ana (Argentina)

The Bureau took note of information provided by the National Commission for Museums, Monuments and Historical Sites: (1) an industrial plant was planned at 700 meters from the central square of the Mission and that both would be separated by a protective zone of 170 hectares and dense vegetation and that it would not affect the values of the Mission, and (2) plan for the industrial plant has led to developing a plan for a new and more appropriate access to the Mission.

The Bureau requested the authorities to submit by 15 September 1999, for further study and possible examination by the World Heritage Committee, a detailed plan and photographic documentation of the Mission of Santa Ana and its surroundings, including the location of the industrial plant and the actual and planned access.

The Observer of Argentina confirmed that the matter is being studied and that a report will be submitted as requested.

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