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Decision 22 BUR V.B.44
Roman Monuments, Cathedral and Liebfrauen Church in Trier (Germany)

The Bureau took note of the report provided by the German authorities and of the information provided by ICOMOS on the participation of its expert in a consultative meeting on the Roman amphitheatre that took place in February 1998. It was reported that the planned buildings north of the amphitheatre are now at an acceptable distance from the theatre and that their overall volume had been reduced considerably.

The Bureau expressed its satisfaction that the main requirements to protect the integrity and authenticity of the Roman amphitheatre had now been fulfilled by reaching a compromise solution between private interests on the one hand, and the interests of urbanists and archaeologists on the other. The Bureau stressed that the integration of the archaeological remains that were discovered during the recent excavations requires further attention and reiterated that an extension of the protected area to include the adjacent vineyards is highly desirable to avoid further deterioration of the site and its setting.

The Bureau requested the German authorities to submit a report with particular attention to the issues of the archaeological remains and the extension of the site by 15 April 1999 for examination by the Bureau at its twenty-third session.

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