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Decision 17 BUR VIII.2
Old City of Dubrovnik (Croatia)

At its fifteenth session held in Carthage in December 1991, the Committee inscribed the Old City of Dubrovnik on the List of World Heritage in Danger. At the sixteenth session of the Bureau in July 1992, it was recommended that the Croatian authorities create a buffer zone in order to ensure the protection of the ancient fortress and the surrounding areas.

Since the last session of the Committee, two brochures on Dubrovnik have been published in order to publicize the plan to safeguard the Fortress and the Old City, damaged by bombardment, and also with the aim of raising funds. Specific projects have been implemented with funds from private and public associations and some countries, such as Austria, France, Germany and Italy, have shown interest in providing additional financial assistance for safeguarding the Old City.

At its present session, a UNESCO consultant informed the Bureau that the Croatian local authorities had prepared and submitted to the Government a plan for the buffer zone. The two fortifications outside the border of the ramparts should be included in a future extension of the boundaries of the site. However, this plan has not yet received clearance from the Government.

ICOMOS called attention to the need to protect the two fortifications outside the ancient town and requested that construction of new buildings be avoided in the proximity. It was also proposed that legislation be enforced in order to prevent the construction of high buildings along and close to the coastline, which would spoil the best view of the skyline of the old town of Dubrovnik, when approached from the sea.

The Rapporteur expressed satisfaction with the work undertaken to date, in spite of the present difficulties and dangerous conditions in the country. Furthermore, he supported the ICOMOS propositions and requested that measures be taken to limit the use of billboards and neon signs in and around the old town.

The Bureau endorsed these recommendations and requested the World Heritage Centre to contact the Croatian authorities in order to obtain the approved extension of the boundaries of the site, for which recommendations from the Bureau should be taken into consideration.

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