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Decision 6 COM VIII.20
Nominations to the World Heritage List (inscribed sites)

The Committee decided to enter in the World Heritage List the twenty-four cultural and natural properties which had been recommended by the Bureau:

Name of PropertyContracting State having submitted the nomination of the property in accordance with the ConventionIdentification No.
  •  Tassili n'Ajjer 
Algeria  179
  •  The M'Zab Valley
Algeria  188
  •  Djemila 
Algeria  191
  •  Tipasa
Algeria  193
  •  Timgad
Algeria  194
  •  Western Tasmania Wilderness National Parks

The Committee is seriously concerned at the likely effect of dam construction in the area on those natural and cultural characteristics which make the property of outstanding universal value. In particular, it considers that flooding of parts of the river valleys would destroy a number of cultural and natural features of great significance, as identified in the ICOMOS and IUCN reports. The Committee therefore recommends that the Australian authorities take all possible measures to protect the integrity of the property. The Committee suggests that the Australian authorities should ask the Committee to place the property on the List of World Heritage in Danger until the question of dam construction is resolved.

Australia  181
  •  Lord Howe Island Group

In view of the importance of Lord Howe Island as a World Heritage site, the World Heritage Committee suggests that steps be taken to replace the telecommunications towers as soon as satellite communications are available.

Australia  186
  •  Historic Centre of the town of Olinda
Brazil  189
  •  Old Havana and its Fortifications
Cuba  204
  •  The Royal Saltworks of Arc et Senans
France  203
  •  National History Park -Citadel, Sans Souci, Ramiers

The Committee recommends that the Haitian authorities exercise the greatest care as regards the restoration and consolidation work on the entire site, which should be carried out in conformity with internationally recognized conservation standards.

Haiti  180
  •  Río Plátano Biosphere Reserve
Honduras  196
  •  The Historic Centre of Florence
Italy  174
  •  Tai National Park 
Ivory Coast  195
  •  Archaeological Site of Leptis Magna
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya  183
  •  Archaeological Site of Sabratha
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya  184 
  •  Archaeological Site of Cyrene
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya  190 
  •  Aldabra Atoll
Seychelles, Republic of  195 
  •  Sacred City of Anuradhapura
Sri Lanka  200 
  •  Ancient City of Polonnaruwa
Sri Lanka   201
  •  Ancient City of Sigiriya
Sri Lanka   202 
  •  Selous Game Reserve 
Tanzania  199
  •  Cahakia Mounds State Historic Site
United States of America  198 
  •  The old walled City of Shibam  
Yemen, People's Democratic Republic of  192


Report of the rapporteur