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Decision 22 EXT.BUR V.4
Requests for International Assistance - ICCROM

ICCROM (AFRICA 2009 - Conservation of immovable cultural heritage in Sub-Saharan Africa) - US$ 100,000

The outgoing Bureau recommended the approval by the Committee of US$ 100,000, noting that the AFRICA-2009 Programme was a joint initiative of the World Heritage Centre, ICCROM and CRATerre-EAG, and launched in March 1998 in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, with the endorsement of 9 Sub-Saharan African States Parties.

ICCROM (PAT 99 – Second Pan-American Course on the Conservation and Management of Earthen Architectural and Archaeological Heritage) - US$ 78,470

The outgoing Bureau recommended the approval by the Committee of US$ 78,470.

ICCROM (ITUC Programme for the Implementation of the World Heritage Convention – Second International ITUC Workshop) - US$ 30,000

The outgoing Bureau recommended the approval by the Committee of US$ 30,000.

ICCROM (Development of global training strategy in South East Asia) - US$ 25,000

The outgoing Bureau recommended the approval by the Committee of US$ 25,000 requesting ICCROM to develop training curricula which could be used (a) within university architecture and urban planning departments to teach future architects and urban planners the basics of heritage conservation; and (b) by heritage site-managers to introduce and train the inhabitants, community leaders and local administrators of World Heritage cultural sites, on the scientific basis of heritage conservation and maintenance.

The Bureau recommended that ICCROM develop this strategy in South-East Asia, in close co-peration with the World Heritage Centre and the UNESCO Regional Advisor for Culture in the Asia-Pacific.

ICCROM (Scientific Development of the World Heritage Convention – Reference manual of methodologies for assessing the state of conservation of World Heritage sites) - US$ 15,000

The outgoing Bureau recommended that while strongly supporting this activity, consideration for translation of the final manual into several languages should be considered from the outset.

For identifying the best procedure in producing such a manual, the outgoing Bureau recommended approval of an initial US$ 8,000 to hold a brainstorming session between the Advisory Bodies and the Wworld Heritage Centre. Based upon the results of the first step, proposals could be made to the 23rd session of the Bureau for further funding to implement the second and third phases of this activity.

Decision Code
22 EXT.BUR V.4
International Assistance