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Decision 35 COM 8B.16
Mixed Properties - Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park (Jamaica)

The World Heritage Committee,

1. Having examined Documents WHC-11/35.COM/8B, WHC-11/35.COM/INF.8B1 and WHC-11/35.COM/INF.8B2,

2. Defers the examination of the nomination of the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park, Jamaica, to the World Heritage List under criteria (ix) and (x), to allow the State Party, with the assistance of the World Heritage Centre and IUCN as requested, to consider options for a future revised nomination related to natural criteria in Jamaica;

3. Notes the national and regional biodiversity importance of the nominated property and encourages the State Party to strengthen the management of the site to address threats to its natural values, including agricultural encroachment both for subsistence and commercial purposes, alien invasive species, unregulated non-timber products harvesting, fires and poaching;

4. Encourages the State Party to consider experience elsewhere with environmentally friendly forms of coffee production, including certification schemes and compensation schemes for water provision for industry, drinking water and agriculture;

5. Defers the examination of the nomination of Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park, Jamaica, to the World Heritage List on the basis of cultural criteria in order to allow the State Party to:

a) Deepen the comparative analysis in order to demonstrate the Outstanding Universal Value of the property by examining how, and to what extent, the nominated property bears witness to the associated values in respect to other properties related to other relevant Maroon groups,

b) Revise the nomination dossier so that the values of the property can better present the proposed Justification for inscription and the selected criterion,

c) Modify the boundaries of the nominated property or of the buffer zone to include the cultural resources documented in the additional information, received by ICOMOS on 8 November 2010, as well as those areas with the potential to yield additional information on Maroon culture in future archaeological campaigns,

d) Develop and enforce as soon as possible protective measures, both legal and planning-based, for the cultural heritage of the nominated property,

e) Develop and adequately fund a comprehensive strategy for cultural heritage within the 2011-2016 Management Plan under elaboration, including inventorying, documentation, conservation, maintenance, disaster management, promotion and tourism,

f) Finalize and implement the 2011-2016 Management Plan without delay;

6. Recommends that the State Party gives consideration to criterion (iii) in a revised nomination;

7. Also recommends that the State party give consideration to the following:

a) Involve representatives of the Maroon community in the management framework,

b) Develop training programmes in cultural heritage for the Park rangers, so that they can be involved in the daily protection of cultural resources;

8. Requests the Advisory Bodies and World Heritage Centre to provide support, if required by the State Party, in order to assist it to identify and prioritise Jamaican sites which have the strongest potential for nomination to the World Heritage List, including an assessment of the potential of the Cockpit Country Forest Reserve.

Decision Code
35 COM 8B.16
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Decisions Adopted by the Word Heritage Committee at its 35th Session (UNESCO, 2011)
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