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Decision 16 COM VIII
SOC: Manas Wildlife Sanctuary (India)

Manas Wildlife Sanctuary (India)

The Centre informed the Committee that the damage caused by the invasion of this Sanctuary by the Bodo tribe in Assam, India, was estimated to be about 50 million Indian rupees (about 1.6 million US dollars). Although the Park infrastructure suffered considerable damage, the habitat in the inaccessible parts of the Sanctuary appeared to be intact. The Committee, while noting that the conditions for introducing normal management and administration regimes for the site may be improving, was nevertheless concerned that a full assessment of damage had not been made and that the Indian authorities have not yet provided a formal written report on the state of conservation of this Sanctuary, despite repeated requests from the Committee since 1989.

The Committee noted with concern the information provided by the Representative of IUCN that the area is still not completely free from encroachment by militants belonging to the Bodo tribe and that illegal cultivation was spreading into parts of the Sanctuary. The Committee concurred with the view of IUCN that Manas Wildlife Sanctuary continues to be in danger of losing the values for which it was granted World Heritage status. The Committee noted with regret that the Indian authorities have not provided a report on the status of conservation of Manas, despite repeated requests over the last three years, and therefore decided to include Manas Wildlife Sanctuary on the List of World Heritage in Danger, in accordance with the provisions of Article 11, paragraph 4, of the Convention.

The Committee requested the Centre to inform the Indian authorities of its decision and reiterate its request for a comprehensive report providing a full assessment of damage to the site and the remedial measures that are being taken.

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Conservation, List of World Heritage in Danger
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