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Decision 19 COM XXI.1-5
Adoption of the Report of the Committee and Closure of the Session

XXI.1 Before proceeding to the examination and adoption of the draft report, the Chairperson, with the approval of the Committee, invited the Observer of Afghanistan to take the floor. In thanking the Committee for the emergency assistance granted by the Chairperson for the Minaret of Jam, he referred to the cultural properties of Afghanistan on the tentative list which continue to be threatened by war and illicit traffic. On behalf of his Government, he expressed his hope that these sites could one day be inscribed on the World Heritage List and appealed for international protection for their safeguarding.

XXI.2 Thereupon, the Chairperson gave the floor to the Observer of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr Muhamed Hamidovic, Director of the Institute for Protection of Cultural, Historical and Natural Heritage of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who informed the Committee that more than 2,500 cultural and historical monuments of his country have been recently destroyed by war. This, he said, has endangered a cultural identity that is more than one thousand years old. Having stressed that the heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina was inadequately treated in former Yugoslavia, he informed the Committee of the documentary preparations undertaken by his country's authorities in order to propose several properties for possible inscription on the World Heritage List. This would include: Old Sarajevo, the Historical Centre of Mostar and three natural sites. The first two nomination files are being prepared with the help of the UNESCO Office in Sarajevo. He concluded his statement by expressing his country's disappointment that the World Heritage Committee has so far done so little to help preserve the monuments and the culture of his country.

XXI.3 Following a four-hour examination of the draft report, the Committee adopted it with the amendments noted during the debate. In order to provide as faithful an account as possible, all of the amendments that were received in writing have been included as quotes in the final version.

XXI.4 The Rapporteur of the Committee expressed, in the name of the States Parties members of the World Heritage Committee, the States Parties having attended the nineteenth session of the Committee as Observers, and the representatives of the advisory bodies his thanks to the Government of Germany for its generous hospitality and the excellent arrangements which allowed the Committee to accomplish its work in a most satisfactory way.

XXI.5 Before adjourning the meeting, the Chairperson thanked warmly all of the delegates and observers for their valuable contributions to the debates. Particular thanks were addressed to the members of the Bureau and, above all, the Rapporteur. Finally, the Chairperson also thanked the Director of the World Heritage Centre, Mr Bernd von Droste, and the interpreters.

Decision Code
19 COM XXI.1-5
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Report of the Rapporteur of the 19th session of the Committee